The advent of point and shoot digital photography has certainly simplified the world of amateur photography. Instead of loading roll after roll of film, today’s shutterbugs can simply take shot after shot of their favorite sporting events and family activities. Digital cameras even allow those photographers the instant gratification of seeing their pictures right away, offering a level of control users of traditional cameras could never have dreamed off.

Instead of film, digital cameras use memory cards to store all those pictures. Those memory cards can then easily be read by everything from traditional desktop computers and laptops to cell phones, photo processing kiosks and special memory card readers. This makes it easier than ever to upload, print and share those special memories.

One important thing to keep in mind is that different digital cameras and similar devices will use different types of memory cards. When shopping for a digital camera it is important to determine the type of memory you will need. It is always a good idea to purchase one or two extra memory cards when buying a new camera, since the onboard memory of most digital cameras is quite limited.

Memory cards are rated in terms of their storage capacity, much like hard drives and portable storage devices like flash drives. When it comes to digital photography storage, bigger is definitely better. Even in the most compressed formats digital photographs can be quite large. Having a high capacity card in place will allow you to take shot after shot without worrying about running out of space.

Before you head out to the local electronics store or start shopping on the internet, be sure to bone up on the most popular kinds of digital storage media. The most common types of memory cards for digital cameras and camera equipped cell phones include:

SD – SD cards are quite common in digital photography, and many of the easiest to use point and shoot cameras use this type of media.

MiniSD cards – similar to SD cards but smaller in size, miniSD cards are common in cell phones and similar devices.

CF – CF, or compact flash, memory cards are common in high end digital cameras.

MMC – These memory sticks are often used in high end digital cameras and in some digital video cameras as well. While somewhat larger than compact flash cards these memory cards are still smaller than a stick of gum.